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Ryan A.   (June 23, 2013):

Could you please add to your games section on
your home page. There are 4,159,377 gamers online at the this very
moment making it a very significant link. I love your site and have
referred many people to it to use as their home page. Thank You
Jay S.   (Sep. 21, 2013):

I was searching for a new customizable homepage and found At first I liked all the content, but looking further I
find little of what I need.
First of all, the Drudge Report is not linked on your news page. And
worst, I cannot add links to “my” page.
I like the clean format, but would get more use out of a “homepage”
if it were customizable. That is the key.
Ashley H.   (Oct. 07, 2013):

Hi, I just found your site and I'm glad you did. I'm trying to expand
my horizons with all sorts of news/information, and this is just what
I needed.
I have two suggestions:
1.) Have a "make this your homepage" button since not everyone is
very savvy with their settings. Unless I overlooked it, I don't see
2.) Have a version similar to the long layout except "wide." Long
takes forever to scroll to the category I want, and the default
option--while simple to click each heading--is less "pretty."
This is, of course, just my humble opinion, but on my monitor
(24 inch) there is a lot of white space on either side. I don't really
like the detail version since it's a bit confusing surrounding the
search bar, and doesn't have the lovely categories.

If you could do the same sort of format as the long layout but going
across the screen horizontally, I think it'd be the best of both worlds!
Thank you for this web site, however, as it really does help broaden
readers' horizons while maintaining a simple look. :)
John   (Oct. 08, 2013):

Great Page I’ve switch over to it from Google. Note.. you should add
email buttons to the Basic page, such as Gmail, Roadrunner, and

Just a though!
Many thanks
T. C.   (Oct.09, 2013):

Thanks for putting a really nice, complete homepage together.
Unfortunately, like many things, it appears to be too complete.
Specifically, I am disappointed that I cannot move or delete the
icons to meet my interests and needs.
I have used the customized Google homepage for years. It is
incredibly flexible. It is also dying and will be gone in a few days.
Perhaps I am spoiled, but I don’t think unreasonable.
Are there any plans to may more customizable?
      Staff   (Oct. 09, 2013):

@Ryan: is added on, Thanks.

@Jay and @T. C.: Customizable homepage is in the works, you’ll be
able to select your own favorite sites.

@John: Emails added to Basic page. Great suggestion. Thanks.

@Ashley: “Wide” page is in the works. Thanks for great suggestion,
“Make this my Homepage” link disturbs the simplicity of Homepage
But we realize that it will make it a lot easier for people to make it
their default browser. We’re working on it!
Thanks for your support of Homepage.
h   (Oct. 10, 2013):

Hello there,
We just wanted to tell you how amazing your website is just for
the sheer volume of useful resources. We love not just the variety
but the quality of your database and it is so helpful to have it all
compiled in one place. So thank you and kudos on a wonderful job.

We at JumpStart.Com have been working for 15 years to provide
parents and children with various free games, worksheets and
printables. These games and resources are relevant to grade and
subject and are updated regularly. More recently, we have
partnered with DreamWorks Animation to develop an online virtual
world called School of Dragons that help children pick up crucial
skills while also being entertained. Like you, we feel passionately
about education through new media and we were wondering if you
would be interested in adding us as one of your many resources.
One of the pages you might be interested in is Math Blaster.

We'd love to hear from you about taking this forward, if this is
something you are keen to do. Feel free to suggest more relevant
pages of ours for your website. If not, thank you so much for your
time. We just had to tell you how wonderful we found the work
you do.

Thank you and take care,
JumpStart Web Team
      Staff   (Oct. 10, 2013): Your web site is now added to the Kids page.
Thanks for supporting Homepage.

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